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Allscanner VXDIAG C6 Plus Diagnostic Tool For Benz

Original price was: UGX2,300,000.Current price is: UGX2,000,000. EAN: 2000000193700
Ancel ad310 Car Diagnostic Tool
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Ancel AD310 Car Diagnostic Tool

Original price was: UGX160,000.Current price is: UGX125,000. EAN: 2000000175614

Ancel BA101 Battery Tester

Original price was: UGX215,000.Current price is: UGX195,000. EAN: 2000000193854
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Ancel Fx2000 Car Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Tool

Original price was: UGX850,000.Current price is: UGX605,000. EAN: 884508005084

Ancel FX3000 Car OBD2 Scanner

Original price was: UGX1,050,000.Current price is: UGX950,000. EAN: 2000000171715

ANCEL HD601 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner

Original price was: UGX650,000.Current price is: UGX450,000. EAN: 752349628192
Ancel Jp700 Car Diagnsotic Tool
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Ancel JP700 Car Diagnostic Tool

Original price was: UGX250,000.Current price is: UGX215,000. EAN: 2000000173351
ANCEL X7 HD Truck OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner
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Ancel X7 HD 24V Truck OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Original price was: UGX3,600,000.Current price is: UGX3,100,000. EAN: 2000000174235

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO Car OBD2 Scanner

Original price was: UGX2,650,000.Current price is: UGX2,300,000. EAN: 6937357212951

Autel MaxiIM KM100X Key Programmer

Original price was: UGX2,750,000.Current price is: UGX2,300,000. EAN: 6937357216669

Autel OBD2 Main Cable

Original price was: UGX125,000.Current price is: UGX85,000. EAN: 2000000194264

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808S

Original price was: UGX2,500,000.Current price is: UGX2,150,000. EAN: 6937357212869